After winning contests around reading, Sejin asks when the Youngmin goes home also

The latest spouse need contemplate Youngmin once the an entire idiot in the event the she informed him something such as one to, expecting him so you can forgive her. After appointment up with Youngmin, and you can questioning as to why the guy enjoys ignoring their messages, Sejin moves so you can whether or not something a took place why he was playing around very gladly where the guy featured extremely off has just. Thrilled to become speaking-to Junghye for the a group venture, Sejin believes such projects are great, the guy extends to be friends with anybody he has not even spoken so you can. Hearing Youngmin’s friend is coming more Sejin replies however, he do not have any members of the family other than himing round the Jungwoo and you will inquiring whom he is, Sejin records he should be Youngmin’s friend.

Checking if the he could be his friend, Sejin statements Jungwoo seems older, and whether or not he’s a wife in the event that they are exactly who Youngmin mentioned before. Sejin thinks Jungwoo ‘s the friend who’d a wife cheat on him by getting drunk and you can resting which have another individual. Patting his neck and you will advising your to cheer-up, having Jungwoo mislead Sejin thinks he shouldn’t features verbal so you’re able to your but elaborates regarding how Youngmin said Jungwoo’s spouse got drunk and you can slept that have others. Obvious it didn’t badmouth Jungwoo’s heading wife, Sejin attempts to decrease any effects the guy feels go for about so you can emerge and you may asks he delight imagine he don’t state all that and then he is so sorry. Sejin believes Jungwoo’s sight is terrifying, and you will imagine if he’s a fight with Youngmin on account of him.

Jungwoo’s Class Representative [ ]

From inside the class which have Jungwoo she says to your they are able to nonetheless tune in to him when he whispering to the mobile. Beside your to possess a group project she tells him to get rid of looking like he or she is attending pretend to see the bathroom and you may escape instead, next contributes he very usually do not wade early now, not when the the guy provides them with money. Regardless she together with other class professionals are happy to accept a providing of money. Later she comments regardless if Jungwoo is actually skipping categories he however needs to do category really works, next asks whether Youngmin ‘s the guy Jungwoo try relationships having seen an image from your. That have Jungwoo which have straightened their tresses she says he will not feel like himself. Okay which have your making she seems the guy helps because of the maybe not starting something, and the guy nonetheless allows them fool around with his house so they are able work at the assignment.

Aggressive Child [ ]

Just after taking walks towards Youngmin he criticized him that have felt hearsay he is partaking during the enjokousai. Whether it are a gullible readiness to accept eg advice since the true, nevertheless the guy food Youngmin improperly for this. He has got hit Youngmin more than once and does not listen to what he is saying. Pulled ahold off by the Jungwoo, and you will assuming they are another kid he believes it is a great idea to question in the event the they have zero guilt and how could he accomplish that to help you his children. Then decides to call Jungwoo a classic kid. Immediately following becoming punched himself multiple times, and you may expected when the Jungwoo ends up an old man the guy denies they. Saying it is because his sight are bad, he could be sorry.

Homeless Man [ ]

In the big date when 321chat reddit Youngmin has worked in the a store that it son joined and you can broke a container prior to brandishing they in the him. He needed Youngmin render your liquor. Such as for instance an operate caused Jungwoo whom passed by him so you can intervene and so render your close to Youngmin. Having his steps he was detained.

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