Urahara solves to explore the issue next, however, says it needs big date

It question what Inaba wishes having Nozomi

Later, Urahara, picking up a faint rule from Ichigo’s Reiatsu, and recovers your on Dangai, looking fragments of information towards growth of Mod-Souls in the process. Urahara later talks about the newest not very likely nature away from Ichigo’s retrieval of this new Dangai, stating what Ichigo demonstrated carry out generally feel impossible. The guy explains one Inaba can be so shopping for the latest Dangai as of your own Mod-Souls information. Urahara speculates he used this post to create the clones away from new Gotei thirteen captains, and you can Nozomi verifies his observance. When he asks this lady whether she realized the aisle profile along, Nozomi suggests Inaba developed the Mod-Souls. Nozomi shows their early in the day about Investment Spearhead, making it possible for Urahara understand Inaba’s complete inspiration. [115] Afterwards, Urahara shows to help you Rukia that he features ended Nozomi are a great Modified Soul, due to not being able to experience people Reiatsu off the lady and you may the latest uncommon, possibly fake, recovery stamina she placed on Ichigo. [116]

Tessai, telling Urahara one to several Reigai had been caught within their pitfall, requires once they is move on to the next step. Urahara agrees, and they ready yourself in order to frost area. [117] Afterwards, Inaba grabs Nozomi and you may destroys Ichigo’s left efforts. After Urahara food Ichigo’s injuries, men and women accumulates at the his shop to go over the next step. Uryu wonders why Inaba repeatedly made an effort to kill Ichigo earliest. Kisuke demonstrates to you it is most likely since Inaba try not to manage good Reigai of a become having Hollow vitality, meaning that found Ichigo become a dangerous varying. Kisuke theorizes on how to fix Ichigo’s energies. He says you to because of the obtaining kept Reishi from Ichigo nonetheless about Kototsu, they could use it in addition to Reigai technical from the SRDI to greatly help Ichigo. Once the Ichigo is now instead Reiatsu, he will be able to move easily throughout the Dangai, while making him the only one who will have the Reishi. Kisuke, providing your an excellent Reishi collector, leaves Ichigo into the Dangai. Ichigo later is provided unharmed into the Reishi the guy obtained. [118]

Kisuke requires the rest to go into the fresh Dangai first as the decoys when you find yourself Kisuke, Ichigo, and you can Kon bring a new access, once the Kisuke’s Reiatsu-hiding cloak and Ichigo’s insufficient Reiatsu will allow them to disperse unnoticed. Properly infiltrating the SRDI, they set to work restoring Ichigo’s efforts. Urahara cards he’s going to not be able to fix Ichigo’s Empty vitality, and because they are perhaps not a great Reigai, it might manage a strain for the Ichigo’s heart. Until the procedure is performed, the computer begins to worry about-destruct. Ichigo, eating the newest Mod-Soul, partially regulates his Reiatsu. Kisuke is certain Inaba enjoys a before-up business in other places which they are able to use in order to stabilize Ichigo. With the aid of Yoruichi therefore the captains, it stay away from the fresh SRDI since it is surrounded by brand new Reigai. [119] While they search for Inaba’s studio, Kisuke establishes Ichigo need certainly to stay at the rear of, due to their internal turmoil, and binds him having a great “Kin” spell. Conducting a little research on the SRDI and you may 10th Department, he notes a keen inconsistency between Inaba and you may Nozomi’s particular stories regarding their pasts. He ends these were one to Mod-Soul separated in 2 regarding Reiatsu of one’s true designer out of Mod-Souls. [120]

Yet not, Kisuke notes the procedure is volatile, resulting in Ichigo’s interior Empty to begin supposed wild

Urahara learns studies which leads your into the Nest out-of Maggots finding Oko Yushima. Shortly after defeating the latest Reigai guarding brand new business, Urahara and you can Kon pick Yushima during the a good catatonic condition. [120] While Urahara thought which, the guy learns a tiny trace out-of bloodstream on to the floor belonging in order to Inaba. Viewing it, they can track down Inaba’s correct research. Coming in, it find it is being protected from the an excellent Reigai of Urahara themselves. He shows Kon to sneak in as he face the fresh new Reigai. [121] [122] For the strive, Urahara observes the latest Reiatsu of the resurrected Oko Yushima. Later, s with Urahara to help you overcome Reigai-Urahara. It go into Inaba’s lab, where Kisuke, shocking Reigai-Nemu Kurotsuchi, takes away the girl Mod-Heart key in the Reigai. Placing Kon engrossed, he sends him to Ichigo toward complete-Mod-Heart off his Reishi. [123] Kisuke theorizes it will simply briefly heal Ichigo’s efforts. [124]

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